DNAnexus ApolloTM

An enhanced platform for multi-omics and clinical data science exploration, analysis, and discovery.

Moving from the initial stages of target identification through clinical development remains a significant challenge for biopharmaceutical companies.

DNAnexus ApolloTM provides a scalable cloud environment, flexible data models, and intuitive analysis and visualization tools to simplify research workflows for R&D teams globally.

Working with clinical data requires specialized capabilities to maintain privacy, DNAnexus ApolloTM leverages the same best-in-class DNAnexus security and privacy framework, which includes compliance in accordance with ISO 27001 certification, GDPR, and GxP, among others.

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"DNAnexus has been at the forefront of genome informatics for many years and understands the challenges around consortia-scale data management solutions and the industry’s rigorous security and compliance standards. DNAnexus Apollo will allow us to collaborate across partner cancer centers and optimize the translation of basic discoveries into practical clinical applications in pursuit of more precise cancer treatments for patients."

Sorena Nadaf, PhD
Chief Informatics Officer


Our xVantage Group partners with you from design to delivery and beyond

An opportunity for our team to learn about your vision and start to build a solution to meet your needs. Aim: Gather requirements, understand short term and long term goals, review and understand your data types, sources, and policies.

xVantage Group provides a solution design and project plan to implement the final agreed upon solution. Our team partners with your technical team during the process ensuring your team is intimately familiar with the custom solution components.

xVantage Group delivers a production-scale system including the launch, training, and support needed to onboard your teams. Ongoing bioinformatics and technical support ensures your team is able to utilize your research and discovery solution to its utmost capability.

The Challenge

  • Siloed data
  • Rigid tools & processes
  • Scalability issues
  • Efficient communication between bioinformatics & biology teams
  • Empower therapeutic domain experts to explore across datasets and studies

Extracting value from large genomic studies and disparate biomedical data remains challenging. Data integration, management, analysis and visualization are all necessary but are difficult especially with stringent data compliance policies.

General purpose data exploration tools and visualization applications do not scale well and lack the domain-specific functionality to help you rapidly gain new insights. Open source tools are difficult to maintain, and commercial tools are often constrained by the types of analysis you can perform, apps you can use, and requires conformance to rigid data models.

Data-Driven Insights

  • Clinical & multi-omics data
  • Geno data harmonization & ingestion
  • Plug-and-play algorithm apps
  • Visual exploration
  • Embedded JupyterLab
  • Seamless collaboration

To achieve actionable insights, translational research teams need access to massive volumes of disease-specific and population-level genetic data, as well as patient-level data collected from electronic health records and clinical trials.

The enhanced platform for multi-omics and clinical data, DNAnexus ApolloTM, allows customers to explore cohorts, integrate, harmonize and analyze phenotypic and genomic data, and rapidly test multiple hypotheses to gain valuable insight. DNAnexus ApolloTM is easy to implement and maintain and is designed to handle large-scale data.

Strategic Benefits

On-Demand & Compliant

Analysis-Ready Data at your Fingertips

Any Analysis, Anytime

Global Collaboration

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